Las Vegas Open
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A Tabletop Gaming Convention!

The Las Vegas Open is a premiere Tabletop Gaming Convention set in fabulous Las Vegas. It takes place at Bally's Casino from January 24th through the 26th, 2020. This event is brought to you by the Frontline Gaming team. Early registration opens at 5pm to 9pm on Thursday, January 23rd. Register early to save time!

We've got tabletop gaming tournaments, narrative events, campaigns, hobby classes, vendors, new product releases, social events and so much more!

All attendees of the LVO 2020 must have a convention badge.

Games Workshop Events

The link above will give you the scoop on events for your favorite GW games!

Media Coverage

We will be broadcasting the event LIVE on Twitch!

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

Games Workshop

Warmachine and Hordes


Star Wars Legion


Flames of War

Team Yankee

Bolt Action and Warlord Games

Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander

Batman Miniatures Game

Open Gaming


Social Events

Las Vegas Open Painting Championships

Hobby Events

Games Workshop Hobby Seminars

And more!

Would you like to run an event at the Las Vegas Open 2020?

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Gaming Fanatics!

The Frontline Gaming team has a deep and enduring love for tabletop games and the communities that grow around them! The Las Vegas Open is the culmination of this passion and is administrated by a host of dedicated gamers.